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Every 13.7 Minutes we lose someone in the  US to Suicide.
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Colorado, & Weld County Facts

- The Rocky Mountain region has the highest suicide rate in the country.

- In 2012, the suicide death rate in Colorado was more than 19.7 people per 100,000, an increase of 15.8% since 2011, and making Colorado 8th in the country for suicide deaths.

- Men still account for the greatest number of suicides, with 810 of last year’s 1,053 deaths. But the suicide death rate for women is on pace with that of men, increasing 18 percent, from 207 deaths in 2011 to 243 in 2012.

There were 50 deaths classified as suicides in Weld County in 2013.

In 2013 there were 22 suicide victims in the 0-39 year old age group, 20 suicide victims in the 40-59 year age group. and 8 in the 60+ age group. 

Suicides in Weld County have gone up every year since 2000

80% of suicide victims in Weld County are Male

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